12 Days Of Photography Adventure in Vietnam

Hanoi, Ha Giang & Ha Long Bay

Date: Oct 09 - 20, 2017

Tour Price: $1200 / person (all inclusive)

Group Size: 14



Day 1 (Oct 09, 2017) : Hanoi - Ha Tay

- Chuong Conical Hat Village

Located 40 kilometers on the west of central Hanoi, Chuong Conical Hat Village is well-known for its special product conical hat called “Non”, which has given a discreet charm to Vietnamese women across many generations.

- Quang Tu Cau Incense-making Village

Quang Tu Cau is a small commune located nearly 35 km away from Hanoi, Quang Phu Cau are known maker of the famous traditional incense toothpick.Career as a toothpick comes to taste, it must include Quang Phu Cau (Ung Hoa, Ha Noi) as this is the traditional village longstanding (40 years ago) and still developing today.

The commune has 300 households and the households are involved in the different stages of the process of making flavored toothpicks. Of these, 60 households investment round toothpick making machinery exports to Canada, 20 households trucks supplying raw materials and cargo to the South.


Day 2 (Oct 10, 2017) : Hanoi - Bac Ninh - Ha Giang

- Cu Da Vermicelli Village

The ancient village of Cu Da, in Cu Khe commune, Thanh Oai district, Hanoi, does not only have traditional houses of hundreds of years old, but also French-styled two-story houses of a hundred of years old.

Not only well known for a place with many ancient houses and ancestral temples dating back to over one hundred years, the Cu Da Village is also noted for its traditional vermicelli making.

- Son Dong Wood Carving Village

Sitting less than 20 kilometers from Hanoi, Son Dong wood carving village is famous for its meticulous, spiritual products made of wood by devoted and talented craftsmen like statues of Buddha and worship objects used at pagodas and temples. What most impressing those visiting the craft village is perhaps the sounds of wood carving, which can be heard in any corner of the village.

The traditional craft of wood carving in Son Dong was said to date back over 1,000 years and with such a long history there were periods the career seemed to fall into oblivion. But it was not until around 30 years ago that the craft started to be revived and is growing like what we can see these days when reaching the village thanks to classes held by experienced craftsmen to teach the traditional career to the younger generations.

- Depart to Ha Giang @ 4:00 pm

- Lunch at Viet Tri town

- Dinner in Bac Quang town

- Arrived and check in at Ha Giang town


Day 4 (Oct 11, 2017) : Ha Giang - Quan Ba - Yen Minh

- Breakfast

- Depart to Quan Ba

- Landscape and daily life at Pak Sum Pass

- Tam Giac Mach flowers at Quyet Tien

- Landscape at Quan Ba double mountains

- Daily life at Dao ethnic minority village, Nam Dam

- Lunch and rest time in Quan Ba

- Depart to Yen Minh

- Daily life of H’mong ethnic minority village at Ha Son

- Tam Giac Mach flowers valley at Na Khe

- Sunset landscape at bamboo forest, Lao and Chai town, Yen Minh

- Check in at Yen Minh town

- Dinner


Day 5 (Oct 12, 2017) : Lung Phin - Meo Vac - Ma Pi Leng - Dong Van

- Breakfast

- Sunrise landscape on road

- Lung Phin back-date market (H’mong goods exchange market)

- Lunch at Meo Vac

- Tam Giac Mach flowers at Pa Vi valley in Meo Vac

- Landscape at wonderful Ma Pi Leng Pass

- Sunset landscape at Sung La valley

- Check in at Dong Van ancient town

- Dinner

- Free time around Dong Van ancient town


Day 6 (Oct 13, 2017) : Dong Van - Lung Cu - Sa Phin

- Breakfast

- Traditional H'mong ethnic flute dance at Dong Van ancient market

- Lunch at Dong Van

- Check out and depart to Lung Cu

- Tam Giac Mach flowers field on the road to Lung Cu

- Daily life of Black Lo Lo ethnic minority village

- Sunset landscape on road to Sa Phin

- Check in at Sa Phin town


Day 7 (Oct 14, 2017) : Sa Phin - Pho Cao Market - Sung La - Lao Xa - Sa Phin

- Breakfast

- Depart to Pho Cao back-date market

- Daily life of H'mong ethnic village at Pho Cao

- Tam Giac Mach flowers field with Lo Lo ethnic and their colorful clothing

- Visit famous House of Pao in Sung La (this house was in the award-winning movie Pao's Story)

- Lunch at Sung La

- Tam Giac Mach flowers at ethnic village Lao Xa

- Check in at Sa Phin

- Dinner


Day 8 (Oct 15, 2017) : Sa Phin - Pa Then Flame Dance Ceremony - Bac Quang

- Breakfast

- Visit Vuong Palace, H’mong King

- Sa Phin back-date market

- Depart to Quan Ba

- Lunch at Quan Ba

- Continue to Bac Quang

- Arrived Bac Quang, check in and dinner

- Flame Dance Ceremony by Pa Then ethnic minority people in Bac Quang

- Overnite in Bac Quang


Day 9 (Oct 16, 2017) : Ha Giang - Hanoi

- Breakfast

- Depart to Hanoi

- Lunch at Tuyen Quang city

- Arrived Hanoi, check in and dinner

- Free and easy around Hanoi ancient town


Day 10 (Oct 17, 2017) : Hanoi - Ha Long Bay

- Breakfast

- Depart to Ha Long Bay


Day 11 (Oct 18, 2017) : Ha Long Bay - Hanoi

- Breakfast

- Depart back to Hanoi

- Tour ends


Day 12 (Oct 19, 2017) : Hanoi


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